When you walk the halls of MHHS one of the first things you will notice is an environment where staff, students, parents and visitors are friendly and welcoming. We take great pride in having a school that is inclusive and positive and we encourage all of you to be a part of our school community. What is special about MHHS? With our large student population and new facility we are able to offer a wide variety of core and options courses to students. We also take pride in offering a large number of performing arts, athletics, clubs, and student leadership groups for our students to be a part of. This is a great opportunity for students to meet peers with similar interests. For a tour of our school and a chance to look at what we have to offer, I encourage you to book an appointment with myself or one of my colleagues to check out our wonderful school. If you can't make it into our school, please feel free to email, call, or check out our webpage for a description and photos/videos of what we have to offer. I am so proud of our staff and students of MHHS and I would like to wish all of you a wonderful school year ahead. Dean Brown Principal, Medicine Hat High School


“Creating enthusiasm for life-long learning.”


Our school, with its caring and innovative environment, inspires our students to pursue their goals and dreams. As a community of learners, we strive for high standards of academic achievement and responsible citizenship while promoting a safe atmosphere of mutual respect and trust. We believe that collaboration is the best route to success.


The school administration reserves the right to implement regulations that may be necessary to maintain a safe and caring school environment.


As part of the Medicine Hat School Division, we support the Principles, Values and Beliefs outlined in the Division’s Education Plan. In addition, our school adds the following core values:

Integrity - Accept responsibility for personal attitudes and behaviours; - Commit to ethical behaviour; - Be a positive role model. Commitment to Learning - A high quality education should be available to all students; - We, as an educational community recognize and commit to meeting the diverse and appropriate educational needs of individual students; - We are committed to the principles of equal educational opportunities for all; - We commit to a learning environment, which encourages the development of life-long learners who have discovered a meaningful purpose for learning. Collaboration - Respect and support each other’s diversity and value our common purpose; - Work towards common understandings and creative solutions; - Resolve conflict in a respectful, responsible manner; - Work with each other to provide successful experiences; - Create and contribute to a caring, supportive environment.


We believe that Medicine Hat High School is a learning community that must be characterized by: - a sense of belonging, pride and ownership; - attitudes and behaviours that are inviting and accepting; a clean, safe and attractive environment; - a commitment by individuals to constructive participation in and support of all aspects of school community life; - a spirit of cooperation and collaboration. We believe that Medicine Hat High School is a community where everyone must: - be and feel valued and respected; - be and feel safe and secure; - be and feel free from harassment and discrimination. We believe that Medicine Hat High School is a learning community where individuals must demonstrate effective communication by: - providing information in a timely manner; - responding to communication promptly and appropriately; - accepting responsibility for seeking out the required information. Teaching & Learning We believe that students must accept responsibility for their learning and conduct by: - committing to MHHS ideals and beliefs; - attending regularly and punctually; - preparing and committing to learn; - working to the best of their abilities; - demonstrating positive attitudes and behaviours; - making the most of the learning opportunities that are provided. We believe that teachers must commit to: - modelling appropriate and ethical attitudes and behaviours; - pursuing life-long learning and professional development; - providing quality teaching and ongoing improvement in instruction; - understanding that all students can learn; - developing the whole student (academically, emotionally, socially, culturally and physically); - challenging, inspiring and motivating students. We believe that teachers must demonstrate a commitment to the characteristics of a Professional Learning Community, including: - shared mission, vision, values and beliefs; - collective inquiry; collaborative teams; action research; - continuous improvement; results orientation.

Meeting the Needs of All Learners

We believe that Medicine Hat High School must provide flexible and enriched learning opportunities by: - responding to diverse learning styles and needs; - offering a variety of programs. We believe that success must be measured and celebrated in a variety of ways. We believe that Medicine Hat High School must offer organized opportunities for students to shape their future through personal awareness and understanding.